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Recent Promotion

This past Fall 2013
Woody McGuiness was promoted to the Rank of second degree black belt

~Skills for Life~
" helping each student attain their highest potential"

Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Shippan, directly west of downtown Stamford. Stamford Martial Arts has been dedicated to providing the finest training in traditional Korean Tang Soo Do Karate

~Our Goals are Simple~

To educate and demonstrate- The physical, mental and emotional benefits of martial arts training.
To condition- The body, so the individual becomes stronger, energetic, flexible and coordinated.
To encourage- The development of a positive attitude and behavior.
To cultivate- Self-confidence through the mastering of challenges.

" I encourage parents that when they are looking for a Martial Arts School for their children, not to be misled by price promotions or self proclaiming adds, but to sit in on a class and make sure they like how the instructors are interacting with the children and what they are saying to them! Children can be very impressionable so you want the right messages to be given at all times through a qualified instructor. I always tell the parents that I am only saying the exact same things that are being taught at home but in a different environment".....
Master McGuiness

         Stamford Martial Arts & Fitness has been serving the Stamford, Greenwich area for over thirty years.
Sa Bom Nim (Master Instructor) John McGuiness is a 8th degree black belt and the owner and chief instructor at Stamford Martial Arts & Fitness Center. With over forty four years of martial arts training and thirty nine years of teaching experience Master McGuiness is uniquely qualified to inspire and coach his students to achieve the ultimate goal of martial arts training,
Neh Gung Weh Yu (strength on the inside, peacefulness on the outside.)
Master McGuiness is not just a Martial Arts Instructor....he is an Educator in the art of "Skills for Life"
Master McGuiness is also a T.A.C. member,Technical Advisory Committee. This committee is responsible for upholding  the technical and moral high standards set by Grandmaster Charles Ferraro. The T.A.C is dedicated to their mission of insuring that you will have the proper technical guidance and insight needed to continue your study of the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan system. T.A.C members travel throughout the country and abroad visiting schools, teaching clinics and attending tournaments and dan promotions.

Stamford Martial Arts is an internationally certified Martial Arts School, and must maintain high standards of excellence to remain certified by the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association.

All classes are taught by licensed black belt and Master level instructors, who must adhere to strict standards of professionalism.

Tang Soo Do is known for having one of the most effective training methods for developing discipline, focus, confidence and physical fitness with emphasis on the child's development and coordination essential for their growth.

Students are tested on their progress and receive a series of different colored belts, as well as an official Certificate of Rank, upon successful completion of each class level.

"It's a wonderful way to spend your life... growing in a community and touching the lives of so many people, we have students who have been with us since day one and are still training to this day along with their children."
Master McGuiness

Master DeVita and Master McGuiness
opening demonstration for the
16th Annual All Tang Soo Do National Championship
2nd Biennial World Wide Tang Soo Do Family
International Championship
Disney...August 2011

2014 Fall Dan Classing              
" Marriott Hotel"